Silver, Platinum and Palladium as Safe Haven Investments

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Silver, Platinum and Palladium as Safe Haven Investments 
 – Silver, platinum and palladium see increased role as investment vehicles- Increase in academic output on the white precious metals is in line with this- Silver and particularly gold are safe haven assets- Silver was a safe haven at times during which gold failed to be- Platinum and palladium less so but have diversification benefits- Silver manipulation is possible and indications of, if not legal proof- Benefits platinum and palladium could provide as money not been fully addressed- Main focus in investment drivers is price – not on drivers of physical demand- Platinum, palladium and silver have different relationships with other assets and divergent abilities in hedging risk- White precious metal investors should employ a buy-and-hold strategy- Silver markets have become more efficient since 1977- White precious metals are increasing in investment importance- Research shows hedging role and diversification benefits of precious metals
by Jan Skoyles, Editor Mark O’Byrne
A review of the academic literature on the financial economics of silver, platinum and palladium has recently been conducted by Vigne, Lucey, O’Connor and Yarovaya.

The review surveys and covers the findings on a wide variety of topics in relation to the White Precious Metals including Market Efficiency, Forecast-ability, Behavioral Findings, Diversification Benefits, Volatility Drivers,

Source: ZeroHedge

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