One Trader's Plan To Not Let The French Election Ruin His Weekend

Posted April 21, 2017 8:25 am by Comments

By Tyler Durden

It’s another one of ‘those’ weekends again, but as Bloomberg’s Mark Cudmore notes, anecdotally, FX traders are significantly less excited by the French presidential election than the commentariat (may exacerbate the reaction to any surprise, though it doesn’t increase its likelihood). With options activity at record highs, what should be the game plan for the weekend if you’re a European-based investor?
In the last week of trading before the French election, investors increased bets for European stock volatility, sending the volume of VStoxx Index (European VIX) call options to a record.

The measure that tracks expectations for turbulence in euro-area shares is set for a fifth straight weekly gain, the longest streak since 2014. It hit its highest level since the aftermath of the Brexit vote, but as Mark Cudmore explains, with so much hedging activity, perhaps there is another way…
Bank strategists and sales people are almost as hyped up as journalists about this vote. However, those who actually manage risk aren’t rushing to alter their usual working habits for Sunday’s election.
Every major bank mans the early Monday Auckland FX opening as standard practice. Given the dearth of liquidity, most traders in Europe see little benefit from getting involved in those early

Source: ZeroHedge

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