Paris Shooter Update: Previously Convicted For Attempted Murder, Released On Probation

Posted April 21, 2017 1:41 pm by Comments

By Tyler Durden

Paris Prosecutor Francois Molins gave an update on what the French anti-terror authorities have uncovered about the attacker who murdered a policeman and wounded two others at Champs-Elysees Thursday evening. Here are the key highlights:

He name is Karim Cheurfi and was born on Dec.31, 1977 in Livry-Gargan, France; Cheurfi, 39, a French national lived with his mother in the eastern Paris suburb of Chelles.
A document found in attacker’s pocket after he was shot showed he supported Islamic State.
Francois Molins says Cheurfi was known to police and judiciary forces and had been convicted for previous gun attacks on law enforcement officers going back 16 years, including conviction for attempted murder on a state representative in 2001.
Cheurfi served 10 years in prison after firing on two plainclothes officers in 2001 as they tried to apprehend him in a stolen car. While in detention, he shot and wounded a prison officer after seizing his gun
“In Jan. 2017, anti-terror prosecutors received elements suggesting Karim Cheurfi sought to get weapons and would have said things that suggested he wanted to kill police officers” Molins says
Given lack of proof of radicalization, case was handed to prosecutors in Meaux – where Cheurfi lived – who opened preliminary

Source: ZeroHedge

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